Our Alumni


Sunita Mehada (M.Com)

Sunita’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of education. Despite facing significant challenges early in life, she embraced her father’s vision for her future and seized the opportunities provided by our organization. By supporting her with shelter, food, and educational opportunities, our organization played a crucial role in helping her realize her potential.

Sunita’s dedication and determination to pursue higher education not only reflect her own aspirations but also honor her father’s wishes. Her achievement of obtaining a post-graduate degree from a university in Indore is a remarkable accomplishment, highlighting her perseverance and hard work.


Resham Waskel (MSW)

Resham’s journey is another powerful example of the impact of support and determination in overcoming adversity. Despite being born into a family facing financial challenges, her parents had a vision for her future: to become self-reliant and break the cycle of poverty.

By admitting Resham into our facility at such a young age, our organization provided her with not just a shelter, but also a platform to pursue her dreams. Through the nurturing environment and opportunities offered, Resham was able to harness her potential and pursue higher education.

Obtaining a Masters in Social Work is a significant achievement for Resham. It not only signifies her academic prowess but also reflects her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. Social work is a field rooted in empathy, compassion, and a desire to bring about positive change, and Resham’s decision to pursue this path speaks volumes about her values and aspirations.


Poonam Prem (MBA)

Poonam, who had no family or relatives, was admitted to our organization by the Sarpanch of her village when she was just four years old. After completing her studies with our support, she embarked on a successful career and now works at ICICI Bank. 

Poonam’s narrative stands as a poignant testament to the profound impact that nurturing care and quality education can wield in metamorphosing a young life.


Arti Mandloi (Nursing)

Arti’s journey is a vivid illustration of how a nurturing environment and quality education can metamorphose a raw coal into a gleaming diamond. Both of Arti’s parents, hardworking laborers, entrusted her education to our organization with unwavering determination. Through her relentless dedication and the opportunities facilitated by our institution, she has successfully graduated from a prestigious nursing college in Indore, embodying the transformative power of education and support.


Charles (BBA Commerce)

Charles exemplifies resilience and the power of hope in the face of adversity. When he joined our organization, his mother was incarcerated, presenting a challenging and difficult situation for him. Despite these obstacles, our organization supported him by enrolling him in a prestigious convent school and later assisting him in earning his bachelor’s degree. Today, Charles thrives as a Community and Engagement Specialist at Adobe, showcasing his remarkable journey from hardship to success.


Blessing (English honours from Delhi University)

Blessing, Charles’ sister, faced similar challenging circumstances as her brother. Our organization extended a helping hand to her as well, providing support for her education and shelter. Today, she has successfully built her career and is currently working with British Airways. Blessing’s journey, like Charles’, is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of support and education.


Rajesh Solanki (B.Com)

Rajesh’s inspiring tale defies the limitations imposed by distance and physical challenges. Hindered from attending school due to geographical constraints, his unwavering determination to pursue education resonated deeply with his understanding parents, who entrusted his schooling to our facility. Despite the hurdles, Rajesh persevered, emerging triumphant upon completing his education. His remarkable journey culminated in a coveted position as a Computer Operator in the government sector, a testament to his resilience and tenacity. We take immense pride in Rajesh’s achievements, as he defied all barriers to realize his aspirations.


Aakesh Rawat (Smart Accountant)

An extraordinary young individual who defied adversity. Aakesh’s father passed away when he was just a child, leaving his mother to shoulder the responsibility of his education up to the 10th standard. Despite the challenges, Aakesh’s determination shone through. He reached out to the Catalysts for Social Action (CSA), which then connected with our organization to provide him with both shelter and educational support.

Aakesh’s unwavering commitment and relentless hard work paid off. He pursued a Smart Accountant course and is now gainfully employed with a private accounting firm. His story serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that resilience and dedication can overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

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